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Water Fountains...What are the Benefits?

Why are so many People Buying Water Fountains?

Over the past twelve years or so, water fountains have almost become a craze. More indoor and outdoor water fountain models are available in more choices of styles, sizes, colors, and materials than ever before! Office desks may sport miniature water fountains, logo water fountains are used for corporate signage; hospitals and dental offices use water features to calm visitors; outdoor water fountains are increasingly called for in residential developments, parks, even children’s playgrounds. Municipalities are incorporating water fountains in high-traffic locations.

Everyone loves water fountains! Why?

We live in an increasingly stressful world…the sound of water flowing from a water fountain has a magically relaxing effect. Imagine yourself at the ocean, or by a babbling brook, and you may start to unwind… Ambient noise--traffic sounds, sounds of appliances, televisions--all take their toll on our nerves, sometimes without our realizing what’s going on.

Many people call us to ask whether a particular water fountain will be too loud or too soft-sounding. That question can only be answered subjectively. In general, water fountain sound will be influenced the materials used in making the fountain, the size of the water fountain, the height from which the water falls, and the number of surfaces to which the water falls. External ambient qualities will also come into play…is the location for the fountain very “live” acoustically, i.e. do sounds bounce off the surfaces and echo, or does the space muffle sounds…with acoustic design elements, or just lots of carpets, soft furniture, and the like? How loud are the sounds that the fountain will be used to mask? You can see that the criteria are numerous to determine a fountain’s sound.

When I fell in love with water fountains, I started to exhibit my first hand-made tabletop fountains at public conferences with lots of foot traffic. I saw a curious phenomenon…as people strode past me, heading for their destination in true New York City fashion, they would very often stop quickly at my booth, Curiously, many of them didn’t LOOK at the water fountains or move toward the display until much later! Clearly the visual of the fountains wasn’t what stopped them, but the sound and the energetic effect of the falling water…that’s what I believe created their restful pause. You could actually see many take a deep breath, the focused type-A purposeful look fell off their faces!. I only wish I had made a video tape!

Is it any wonder that water fountains are featured in town squares, places where people congregate? I would suspect that flowing water has the magical effect of dispelling tension and thus reducing conflict. I often wonder what would happen to crime rates in blighted areas if more public water fountains were introduced?

Of course, water fountains also disperse more water into the air, and we all know how much better our skin feels in a room with the appropriate humidity level than in a dried-out environment. Negative ions are produced by falling water…and they have a calming and cleansing effect...notice how clean the air smells after a thunderstorm! A water fountain will have a similar effect.

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Water Fountains...What are the Benefits?