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Using Water Fountains for Interior Decoration

Water Fountains and their uses in Interior Decor

When human beings make decisions as to how to decorate their home and work environment, we involve the five physical senses: sight, scent, sound, touch and sometimes taste. Water fountains provide elements of the first three of these and sometimes the fourth as well. A selected water fountain is usually chosen with an eye to proportion, materials and finishes, and the sound produced. Water fountains for floor, tabletop, and wall placement are all available. Scale of the fountain is one consideration...do you want the water fountain to be a focal point of the room, or do you want it to be an accent that provides subtle ambience while not "stealing the show?" Another consideration is the decor of the room where you will put the water fountain. Do you want the fountain to follow your decorating scheme? Or would you like it to provide a counterpoint, a contrast. For instance, in a minimalist room, perhaps a very ornate or very brightly colored fountain would work? Or if the theme is not to be interrupted, perhaps a low-to-the-ground slate tiered water fountain that provides sound while gently calling the attention of the room's inhabitants? YOu could also consider the sound level of the water fountain...are you looking to mask sound from some other source, such as street traffic? Then a louder water fountain might be scouted out. If, on the other hand, people are going to have to converse in the room regularly, a quieter fountain may be indicated.

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Custom Logo Wall Water Fountains
Custom Logo Wall Water Fountains

Using Water Fountains for Interior Decoration