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The Invisible Effects of Water Fountains

Do Water Fountains Enhance Our Mood?

When I first fell in love with water fountains, I noticed them in a store around the corner from my job, on my lunch hour. Mesmerized, many stressed-out New Yorkers would come into this store and stand looking at the water fountains on display. The relief on their faces was most interesting! The store owners looked pleased as well. Water spilling over rock layers, wall waterfalls with natural materials like copper and slate, the earlier water fountain models sold for prices that seemed a bit extraordinary, and they sold by the truckload! Everyone who could afford a water fountain had at least one!

Being more of a do-it-yourselfer, I set about learning how to make water fountains. When I would set up my little water fountain booth at new-age expos and craft shows, I noticed how stressed-out, purposeful New Yorkers would slow down, stop, take a breath, and eventually notice the fountains and come over for a look! I figured many people would enjoy making their own water fountain, especially with the heightened interest in Feng Shui, and I was right! Hundreds of people came to my water fountain classes the first summer alone. Eventually I decided to market the increasing array of water fountains produced by companies, artists and individuals, and left the merchandising of water fountain pumps, bowls and foggers, lights, rocks, and figurines to other websites, such as www.artisticdelights.com.

Most of us have experienced the “ahhhh” in the air after a crashing thunderstorm, or walking at the beach, or even in the shower. Ever slept in a tent or a screened-in porch during a thunderstorm? Negative Ions­those invisible, tasteless, and odorless molecules that are heightened by running water (including water fountains)­seem to create a sense of well-being. Why do “negative” ions create “positive” feelings? Well, ions are molecules that have gained or lost a positive charge. Falling water­such as that from water fountains--creates thousands of negative ions by splitting other wise neutral particles of air, freeing electrons to manifest their vitalizing function. These electrons join up with smaller air particles, thus giving them a mostly negative charge. Although there’s more research to be done, there is plenty of evidence through our every day experience to suggest that negative ions are associated with lowered tension, a greater sense of ease and calm, higher awareness, and an overall sense of well-being.

Positive ions, on the other hand, are generated by air conditioners. Have you ever woken up after sleeping in an air conditioned room and felt more tired than when you lay your head down on the pillow? Ever slept in a hot, but otherwise very natural and un-developed place at night and been surprised at how well you have slept regardless of the heat?

Some studies have shown that people with depression have experienced an elevated mood simply by being exposed to negative ions, many have been helped by this as much as by medications! In World War 11, Luftwaffe planes were negatively ionized by electric field generators, in order to reduce pilot fatigue. And it worked!

Perhaps that’s part of the mood-enhancing effect of water fountains? If you have any observations about water fountains and mood improvement, please send your water fountain stories to: mollykeeler@gmail.com

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The Invisible Effects of Water Fountains