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Feng Shui and Water Elements (including Water Fountains)

Read an article about Feng Shui and Water Fountains by Feng Shui Master Kartar Diamond

Feng Shui Solutions by Kartar Diamond, Senior Feng Shui Consultant

Feng Shui and the Water Element The water element may be associated with the colors blue and black and shapes that are curvy, but real water is the absolute most powerful cure when you need to have the water element represented somewhere on your property or in your home.

Some homes need to have water fountains or aquariums on a semi-permanent basis. But there are cycles to be calculated in Flying Star (Shyung Kung) feng shui and the best places for water outside your property will change every twenty years. Inside your own home, the best locations for water may change yearly. This doesn’t mean that you need to constantly move your water fountain, but occasionally this is best.

As an example, the direction of North happens to be inherently associated with the Water element, (K’an Trigram.) But specific to 2002, everyone’s North section of their home or business location will have the annual 3 wood energy residing there.

We have the expression, “a lawsuit waiting to happen,” and that is the kind of energy possessed by the annual 3. This energy, which we call the “3 star” can contribute to arguments, gossip, legal conflicts, even robbery. Please don’t strengthen it with water! In fact, because the North direction is inherently the water element, even without a real water feature the nasty 3 will get activated. If you don’t spend a lot of time in the North quadrant of your house or business, then the affect will be minimal.

How to control it? In the basics of Five Element Theory, we see that Fire reduces Wood. Therefore, adding red colored objects to the North quadrant would be appropriate for this year. I can’t say I would recommend this 100% of the time however. Why? Because some people shouldn’t have the fire element in the North part of their house based on the permanent energies.

This is one of the biggest differences between a beginners’ knowledge and an experienced practitioner’s understanding of the complexity of feng shui. We have to compare and determine which is more important: to cure a negative yearly influence or to continually protect the permanent energies. It is like prescribing medicine that will not have any negative side-affects.

As a general rule, water should be clean. Dirty water is worse than none at all.

Water that circulates is more powerful than still water. It is possible for water to move too quickly and in the wrong direction. It is generally not good for water to flow away from a property. Streets are virtual streams.

A common question is whether or not it matters what the fountain is made out of, stone or copper. Sometimes it does matter. Generally, I prefer copper fountains because the Metal element makes the Water stronger. But sometimes it is okay to have an earthen fountain: in fact almost all outdoor fountains are stone or marble. If there is enough water, the container is not so important.

How many hours per day should a fountain be going? As much as you and your electric bill can stand. A good place to put water in 2002? Try the Southwest quadrant of your house: it will enhance creative careers and stimulate romance for single people!

Thanks to Kartar Diamond of fengshuisolutions.net.

for more information contact: kartar@fengshuisolutions.net

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Feng Shui and Water Elements (including Water Fountains)